2-in-1 Blood Collection System
(for Aspiration & Vacuum techniques)

Capillary Blood Collection

Safety-Heel Incision Lancet for Preemies & Term Neonates

Safety-Lancet for Adults & Neonatal

Multi-Safe Disposable Boxes

Urine Containers

Faeces Containers

Salivette Cortisol


Screw Cap Micro Tubes

Freezing Tubes

5 ml SafeSeal Micro Tubes

Reagent and Centrifuge Tubes

False Bottom Tubes for Analysers

PCR Strips

ELISA Plates in Black & White suitable for luminescence & fluorescence analyses

ELISA Plates

PCR & Molecular Biology

Cell & TC Products

Petri Dishes and Transport Swabs

DNA-free Forensic Swabs

Pipette Tips and Serological Pipettes

Universal Block Racks for Blood Collection Tubes, Centrifuge Tubes and General Laboratory Use

Racks & Storage Boxes

IsoFreeze for Micro Tubes Rack and PCR Rack

Revolving Work Rack

Transport & Mailing Systems For Diagnostic Samples & Blood Products

Microscope Slides (Cat. No. 7105)

Box of 50 Slides

Microscope Slides (Cat. No. 7101)

Box of 50 Slides

Microscope Slide Trays (Cat. No. 13081)

Box of 20 Pieces

1 ml and 3 ml Transfer Pipettes

(sterile and non-sterile version available)

Sani Cloth Germicidal Disposable Cloth for Surface Disinfection, 160 premoistened cloth/tub; 12 tubs/case