UNIMED Healthcare Pte Ltd

Founded in 1982, Unimed Healthcare specializes in the selling and marketing of medical and laboratory equipment, disposables and consumables, supplies, hospital equipment and furniture, equipment packages and turnkey project consultancy in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and other countries.

Over the years, we have consistently maintained a high standard of excellence in our services and supplies. With a solid reputation for providing quality products and expert advice and consultation, we are pleased to have earned the trust of our clients from a wide range of sectors and industries, such as hospitals, R&D labs, pharmaceutical companies, government institutions, polyclinics and private practitioners.

Our Mission

Unimed Healthcare aims to serve and support our customers through the supply of high technology, value-added medical products, equipment and disposables, in order to provide quality health care at affordable prices.


We aspire to become the leading provider of the latest and most technologically advanced medical instruments and supplies in the medical and laboratory industry, through transparent methods and dedication to excellence in our ethical and conscientious pursuit of our goals.

Why Choose Us?

Attention to Details

Our professionally trained consultants are attuned to your needs and requirements and will be able to provide valuable advice on how to fulfil them.

Value-Added Services

Our after-sales services include preventive maintenance schedules and service of all supplied instruments.

Speedy Turnaround

Unimed prides itself on being responsive to inquiries, as well as quick delivery lead-time of products and equipment.