Laboratory Disposables and Consumables


Specimen Container
Specimen container, Transport container, Transport container for pathology, Universalcup,
Sputum container, Faeces container, Urine cups.

Autoanalyzer cup, Sedimentation tubes, Tubes PP, Blood collection tubes, Cyro tubes, Bloodbags, Ear funnels, Ear tips, Finger coats, Razor, Forceps, Alcohol swabs, Needles, Syringes, Test tubes, Urine bags, Electrodes a.s.o.



Foam swabs, Lemon Glycerine swabs,Cotton-swabs, wooden applicator, PP applicator, PS applicator, Aluminium applicator.


Forceps, Dissection needles, Sondes, Scissors, Disposable scalpells, Double spatula, Scalpell-blades, Scalpells.

Gynaecology accessories
Gynobrush, Gyno-Set, Cotton-swabs, Ayres spatula, Condoms, Covers for sonography sondes, Sonosafe®, Vaginal Speculum, Ultrasound gel.


Microbiology and Steristoppers
Microbiological transport sets, Medi Swabs, Steristoppers®, Petri-dishes, Dropping pipettes, Microtestplates, Pasteur-pipettes, Drigalski spatula, Inoculation loops, Parafilm, Stirring rods.



Laboratory Glassware
Beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, Flat bottom flasks, Kjeldahl flasks, Round bottom flasks Volumetric flasks, Laboratory bottles, Measuring cylinders, Test tubes, Centrifuge tubes, Petri-dishes, Funnels, Watch glasses.


Microscopic slides and Cover glasses
Borner microscopic slides, Diagnostic cell slides, Microscopic slides, plastic, Microscopic slides, glass, Fast Read® slides, Cover glasses.

Laboratory Ware
Addition timer, Ceramic plates, Short timer, Diamond-writers, Glass-beads, Capillary tubes, Kapsenberg-cap, Loops, Connection-pieces, Objektomat DBGM, Bloodgroup test plates, Bunsen gas burner a.s.o.


Blood lancets
Allergy lancets, Blood lancets, Lancing device, Prick lancets.
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